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Getting hurt at work isn't anyone's idea of a good time. No one wants that – not you, not your employer. There are Workers’ Compensation laws in place to protect employees that receive occupational injuries. The way the laws work, both parties are actually protected and represented. Specific rules and requirements must be fulfilled in[...]
Were you injured on the job? Did you make sure to get an accident report in within 30 days of your injury? Did you further file a Workers’ Compensation case? As long as you haven't been denied, you're probably wondering when your disability benefits will start. If you haven't already, make sure that you immediately[...]
Over time, disabling medical conditions can develop from an employee being exposed to on-the-job health risks. These medical conditions are referred to as occupational diseases. Included in such health risks are exposure to harmful agents (such as chemicals) and physical activities that are damaging or repetitive. In many cases, occupational diseases can be covered under[...]
Workers’ Compensation cases can be tricky. One would think that if you get hurt on the job, and you wind up with doctor bills and lost wages, you should be able to receive compensation. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. But even with existing laws in place, it's not always easy to win a[...]
If you have ever suffered from a back injury, you know how excruciating they can be. Coupled with being one of the harder injuries to shake, they plague industries and people working in them. Of all workplace injuries, almost 20% – more than 1 million workers – have suffered from a back injury (according to[...]
Are you an employee who was injured on the job? Have you visited your doctor for your work-related back injury? Did they tell you that, regarding your back injury, you have a 10% permanent disability? If so, what were they talking about? If, pertaining to your injury rating, you accept payment from your North Carolina[...]