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After a workplace injury, to cover the costs of your medical bills and lost wages, you are likely to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Let's say, for example, that was marginally related to work, you were injured in a car accident. For the injuries you sustained, could you still file a workers’ compensation claim? The coming[...]
You received an injury at work. The good news is that, in South Carolina, workers’ compensation will cover your lost wages, medical costs, etc. But what if surgery is needed because of the injury? One would think that there wouldn't be a problem because it falls under medical expenses. Unfortunately, your employer’s insurance company may[...]
Most days, you wake up and start getting ready for work without a thought of what could happen while you are there. We are referring to an on-the-job injury that could change your life – at least for the immediate future. When bad things happen at work, and employees get hurt, SC Worker's Compensation Laws[...]
Before we go any further, let us clarify the title statement. What may be more accurate than, "Won't Get You Fired", would be to say, "Shouldn't Get You Fired". Because it shouldn't – that's against the law. But things happen every day that are against the law. Technically speaking, filing a workers’ compensation claim should[...]
Often, teenagers of 16 or 17 years of age are encouraged by their parents to get a job. Frequently, parents believe that valuable life skills are learned in this manner and independence instilled. These jobs often seem harmless. They’re just part-time positions or temporary summer positions, after all. But without realizing it, these teens may[...]
People go to work every day without really thinking much about on-the-job injuries. Even workers who find themselves in precarious situations day in and day out can become lax in their thinking when it comes to getting hurt on the job. But accidents do happen. When they happen at someone's workplace, it's comforting to know[...]