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megan June 28, 2021
A few things stick out after representing individuals in hundreds of Social Security Disability claims. The best claims always have the best evidence. Experienced disability representatives, like Justin Wraight with Cardinal Law Partners, have learned to hone in on the pieces of evidence that best help individuals get approved for Social Security Disability. Best Evidence[...]
megan June 22, 2021
Depositions are common in many types of legal matters, but for many individuals who have a Workers Compensation Case, that word may seem a little intimidating!  In South Carolina, most workers compensation cases will have multiple depositions during the course of the claim. Depositions are a form of discovery in South Carolina workers compensation cases,[...]
megan June 8, 2021
If your employer and workers’ compensation insurance company accepted liability for your injury at work, but your disability checks stopped, the following are options to have the disability checks re-started: 1. Motion to Compel Payment of Benefits. If there has not been to return to work, Order from the North Carolina Industrial allowing termination for[...]
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