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How Do Back Injuries Affect Your Job?

Cardinal Law Partners March 23, 2021

Back pain affects more than just your back. The kind of pain that results from a back injury can extend outward to the extremities, leading to trouble walking, neck pain, headaches, and so much more. In addition to the obvious pain of back injuries, back pain can impact other areas of life including your career and financial stability.

Back Injuries and Work Responsibilities

If you have injured your back at work and as a result you are assigned work restrictions, your employer may switch your job duties from your regular work position to something less strenuous in order to accommodate the assigned work restrictions.  If your employer does this, you may be entitled to receive Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) benefits, if you are earning less wages in the new position you were asked to perform by your employer.

The doctor treating your back injury will be responsible for advising what positions you are and are not able to perform due to your back injury. 

Cardinal Law Partners for Back Pain Injury Workers’ Compensation

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