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cardinallaw_admin April 25, 2019
Any time someone is injured at work, the first thing you need to do is report the injury to your employer. This notice of injury may be reported to the employer verbally or in writing. Although you can provide verbal notice of any injury to your employer, I always recommend written notice of the injury[...]
cardinallaw_admin April 25, 2019
There are several reasons why you may not have been contacted by anyone concerning your injury at work after reporting the injury to your employer: 1. Your employer may not have reported your injury to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Just because you reported the injury at work to your employer, this does not mean[...]
cardinallaw_admin April 25, 2019
I often receive phone calls from injured workers because the adjuster is not returning phone calls or responding to emails. In many of these situations I hear from the injured worker that everything was going okay until the claims adjuster stopped returning phone calls and responding to emails. There are several reasons why this situation[...]
cardinallaw_admin April 24, 2019
When an employer or workers compensation insurance carrier accepts liability for an injury or is ordered to provide benefits by the N.C. Industrial Commission for a work place injury, the injured worker is entitled to receive 2 sets of benefits, disability compensation and medical compensation. Disability compensation takes 3 different forms: total disability, partial disability[...]
cardinallaw_admin April 22, 2019
When I talk with clients about the idea of settlement of a workers’ compensation claim, there are several things I always need to address. First, an injured worker does not have to settle his or her workers’ compensation claim and the employer and their workers’ compensation insurance carrier cannot make the injure worker settle your[...]