Health Care


cardinallaw_admin May 30, 2019
IME stands for Independent Medical Examination. In my experience, there is rarely anything independent about the medical examinations. If your treating doctor (the physician that the insurance company originally selected to treat you at a place relatively close to where you live and work) recommends a surgery or expensive treatment, the workers’ compensation insurance company[...]
cardinallaw_admin May 30, 2019
If you practice workers’ compensation law and represent injured workers, then it will not take long before you need to advise a client on light duty. It becomes the same story every time. The worker suffers an injury while working. Someone from the employer tells the worker to seek treatment from the “company doctor” or[...]
cardinallaw_admin May 7, 2019
All too often I speak to injured workers about their potential workers’ compensation claims months after they were injured.  Whether it is because they did not believe their injury was too severe, or whether their employer promised them help with their injury, many injured workers choose a “wait and see” approach when determining whether they[...]