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Did you sustain a serious injury during a scaffolding accident at work? Were you exposed to harmful chemicals during your shift? Unfortunately, the cost of healthcare is constantly rising, and one may find it challenging to afford those costs. Cardinal Law Partners is here to assure you that our attorneys in Aiken, South Carolina will pursue damages to give you the financial means to make a full recovery. Our attorneys specialize in workers’ compensation, personal injury, and social security disability cases.

About Aiken, South Carolina

It is the largest city located in Aiken County and makes up the western portion of South Carolina. Founded in 1835, Aiken also has a population of nearly 30,000 residents. Some of the highways that pass through the city include U.S. 1, U.S. 78, SC 19, SC 118, and more. In addition, the Palmetto Golf Club, Old Aiken Post Office, Aiken Polo Club, and Hopelands Gardens are some of the historic places located here.

Cardinal Law Partners’ Legal Services in Aiken

Are you looking for experienced attorneys who can provide the following legal services in Aiken?

  • Highly Trained Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Aiken, South Carolina

Even when you are just at the discussion phase with your employer, your employer’s insurance company, and other investigators, it is important to have proper legal representation as it can make all the difference. Whether you suffered severe burns or brain injuries at work, we have got your back. Our workers’ compensation attorneys are trained to help our clients pursue awards for permanent disability, compensation for lost wages, and even full payment of medical bills. Cardinal Law Partners works tirelessly to ensure that you will get the maximum benefits available.

  • Leading Personal Injury Attorneys in Aiken, South Carolina

Cardinal Law Partners handles a wide variety of personal injury cases on a daily basis. From slip and falls to car accidents, our team of attorneys works hard to make sure that our clients receive the compensation they deserve to cover punitive damages, lost future earnings, medical bills, and more.

  • Experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys in Aiken, South Carolina

Individuals who apply for social security disability benefits are often denied on the first try. Fighting for one’s SSD benefits while suffering from a physical disability is not only difficult but extremely vexing as well. It is recommended that you contact Cardinal Law Partners so that we can help you navigate this complicated process and take that frustration off you.

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Cardinal Law Partners is comprised of experienced attorneys. With over 50 years of collective legal experience in the legal industry, we can tackle any workers’ compensation, social security disability, and personal injury case in Aiken, South Carolina. You will also be pleased to know that it is extremely easy to work with Cardinal Law Partners as we will take the burden of fighting for benefits off you.

If you require legal assistance with a workers’ compensation, personal injury, or social security disability case in Aiken, South Carolina, do not hesitate to schedule a FREE case evaluation with our attorneys today.