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Chapel Hill

For practiced legal minds in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, turn to Cardinal Law Partners. We have extensive experience in legal areas including personal injury, social security disability, workers’ compensation, and more. If you have been injured in the workplace and you are unsure about your options, Cardinal Law Partners can help.

About Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill is a town located in the counties of Durham and Orange, North Carolina. With a population of about 60,000 people, Chapel Hill is among the 20 largest towns in the state. Chapel Hill is part of the Research Triangle, an area in North Carolina best known for the three major research universities that are located there: North Carolina State University, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill was founded in the 17th century as the original home to European settlers including William Barbee who relocated from Virginia and settled there. Barbee’s son later established the University of North Carolina.

Cardinal Law Partners’ Legal Services in Chapel Hill

Are you looking for experienced lawyers who can offer the following legal services in Chapel Hill?

  • Highly Trained Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Chapel Hill

While employers are required to provide employees with safe working spaces, there are instances when that is not the case. Employees who get injured in the workplace as a result of their work may qualify for workers’ compensation. Cardinal Law Partners has the experience and legal experience to help individuals navigate workers’ compensation claims and get them the compensation they deserve.

  • Leading Personal Injury Attorneys in Chapel Hill

Cardinal Law Partners is the go-to for filing a personal injury claim. We carefully assess each case and provide clients with all legal options to ensure that they make an informed decision. We then work with clients to earn them the compensation that they are looking for.

  • Experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys in Chapel Hill

Social security disability was put in place so individuals who suffered catastrophic injuries could receive the monetary compensation they needed to cover medical expenses and treatment costs. In addition to the direct costs associated with the injury, there may also be related conditions such as neurological issues and trauma that could result from the incident, leading to increased expenses. The lawyers at Cardinal Law Partners thoroughly reviews every social security disability case we encounter to ensure that our clients are supported throughout the entire process.

Work with Cardinal Law Partners Today!

Cardinal Law Partners has over fifty years of collective legal experience across personal injury, workers’ compensation, social security disability claims, and more. We are on a mission to help workers see their deserved compensation. With a commitment to helping clients, Cardinal Law Partners is more than willing to go up against large insurance companies and fight for individuals’ rights.

If you need legal assistance for a workers’ compensation, personal injury, or social security disability case in Chapel Hill, do not hesitate to schedule a FREE case evaluation with one of our attorneys today.