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At Cardinal Law Partners, we are passionate about getting justice for our clients. We combine this passion with over 50 years of collective legal experience in the areas of workers’ compensation cases, personal injury cases, as well as social security disability cases. You will be pleased to know that all our lawyers are North Carolina Board of Certified Workers Compensation Specialists and your Durham case will be in good hands whenever we are around.

About Durham, North Carolina

Durham City is located in the Durham County and serves as the headquarters of that county. The city has a population of about 250,000 residents as per 2014 estimates. This fact made the city the 4th most populous city in North Carolina. Durham serves as the home of Duke University and the North Carolina Central University. The city traces its origins back to the 17th century when early English settlers moved into the area.

Cardinal Law Partners’ Legal Services in Durham

Are you looking for experienced attorneys who can provide the following legal services in Durham?

  • Highly Trained Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Durham, North Carolina

When you are injured at work and seek to file a workers’ compensation claim, it is advisable to engage an experienced law firm such as Cardinal Law Partners. This is because when filing such a claim, you are also going against your employer and their powerful insurance carrier who may reject your claims. Cardinal Law Partners brings to your side a team of highly experienced attorneys who will not only even the odds but increase your chances of victory as well. We have been helping residents of North Carolina win workers’ compensation claims for many years.

  • Leading Personal Injury Attorneys in Durham, North Carolina

If you suffered a personal injury in a road accident due to the negligence of another party, you have the right to file for a personal injury claim. At Cardinal Law Partners, we help our clients put together a strong case to increase their chances of victory. We are not intimidated by big insurance companies and we will fight tirelessly for our clients to ensure that they get fairly compensated.

  • Experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys in Durham, North Carolina

The Social Security Administration has a poor record of awarding social security disability claims. More than 80% of such claims are often rejected on their first try. Having an experienced attorney on your side to guide you through the appeals process can make a huge difference. Cardinal Law Partners has a solid reputation of delivering wins for their clients in this area of legal experience. You can trust us to offer you the best possible legal services and help you navigate the tricky waters of social security disability law.

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When you engage Cardinal Law Partners to handle your case, you will have access to our attorneys whenever you need any clarification. We treat our clients with kindness and compassion because we understand that many of them have undergone traumatic experiences. This compassion fuels our passion to deliver justice for our clients.

If you require legal assistance with a workers’ compensation, personal injury, or social security disability case in Durham, North Carolina, do not hesitate to schedule a FREE case evaluation with our attorneys today.