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Cardinal Law Partners is an established law firm that has represented clients in Florence and throughout South Carolina. Our attorneys devote their attention to provide skilled legal representation for personal injury, workers’ compensation, and social security disability issues. We treat our clients with respect and do our best to find the best possible resolution for every client’s case.

About Florence, South Carolina

The City of Florence is located in Florence County, South Carolina. It was founded in 1871 and the original township was built as a railroad terminal. The city was named after the daughter of the first president of the Wilmington & Manchester Railroad, William Wallace Harllee. It is a community with approximately 33,000 residents.

Florence is the perfect example of a refined Southern city. It is small enough to maintain a small-town feeling while still being able to offer big-city amenities like museums, a symphony orchestra, and a world-class recreation complex. The residents here have a strong sense of community and the ever-famous Southern hospitality.

Cardinal Law Partners’ Legal Services in Florence

Are you looking for experienced attorneys who can provide the following legal services in Florence?

  • Highly Trained Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Florence, South Carolina

The state offers protection for workers who sustained injuries on the job. The only problem is that the workers’ compensation laws in this state are complex. Cardinal Law Partners can assist our clients in establishing a case for a workers’ compensation claim. We understand the financial impacts of work-related injuries and will protect our clients’ legal rights so that they can recover lost earnings, medical expenses, and other damages.

  • Leading Personal Injury Attorneys in Florence, South Carolina

Serious accidents can cause legal dilemmas in addition to the physical injuries that one may be suffering from. At Cardinal Law Partners, our legal team has an excellent track record of winning personal injury cases. We are experienced in dealing with personal injury claims and employ effective methods that ensure our clients are properly and fairly compensated for the losses they have suffered.

  • Experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys in Florence, South Carolina

There are unique circumstances that surround each individual’s social security disability claim. Cardinal Law Partners is a knowledgeable advocate who can work on your behalf, e.g., representing you in court. We will help you determine which kind of benefits you are eligible to obtain. Our legal team will handle and manage the entire process of your SSD claim.

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In addition to helping our clients get the monetary compensation that they deserve, Cardinal Law Partners also guides through the process of getting their lives back on track. We lead our clients through the complex legal process and secure maximum personal injury, workers’ compensation, and social security disability benefits. Our attorneys have over 50 years of collective experience in these fields and will restore peace of mind in these tough times.

If you require legal assistance with a workers’ compensation, personal injury, or social security disability case in Florence, South Carolina, do not hesitate to schedule a FREE case evaluation with our attorneys today.