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Stopping TTD checks

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megan January 20, 2022

Stopping TTD checks in South Carolina

One of the most common questions that clients ask is whether weekly checks can be stopped once they are started in a South Carolina Workers Compensation Case.  The short answer is yes! Once you start getting weekly temporary total disability checks from the workers compensation insurance company can stop paying them for one of six reasons, as long as you are within 150 days after your injury was reported.  Unfortunately, during this time period, they don’t have to get permission from the South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission to stop the checks.  The six ways checks can be stopped include:

  1.  You return to work for at least 15 days and no temporary partial compensation is due
  2. You agree you are able to return to work
  3.  Your doctor released you to return to work without restrictions, and your employer has offered you comparable employment
  4.  Your doctor released to return to work with restrictions, and your employer has provided work within your restrictions
  5.  You refused medical treatment, examination or evaluation
  6.  You claim is denied by the carrier after a good faith investigation.

If you think your checks have been stopped improperly, you must act quickly to request a hearing before the South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission.  Therefore, it is important to consult with an attorney who is experienced with Workers Compensation cases in South Carolina.  Kristin Henriksen, of Cardinal Law Partners, is licensed to practice in South Carolina and handles Workers Compensation cases.  If you have questions Get in touch!.

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