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Please Call One of Our board-certified Worker's compensation Specialists For a Free Consultation (833) 444-4127

You do not need new evidence to appeal your case. New evidence is something that’s not necessarily required, but it is helpful to continue the development of your case. For example, if social security says that they didn’t get the list of medications you’ve been taking, that may be evidence that could help an administrative law judge choose to continue with your case.

Quite often, if you get in front of an administrative law judge, you may get a more sympathetic individual. If this is the case, you might be able to better explain your impairments or any discrepancies in the medical records of your case. If an evaluator sees any deficiency in your case in the initial application, they’ll just deny your claim.

All of these things can be remedied and perfected as your case progresses, and it’s for that reason you should always appeal rather than start a new application. Whatever new information you would choose to give in your new application you can put in your appeal as well, so there is no benefit to starting the process over.

With all of this being said, you are not barred from adding additional information or from getting a letter from your doctor explaining why they believe that you are disabled. In essence, you don’t need new evidence. Rather, you should appeal and continue to develop your case the best you can.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling Social Security Disability Cases For Your Clients?

There are a couple of factors that set our firm apart in the handling of social security disability cases – the greatest of these is experience. Attorney Justin Wraight has been practicing in social security disability law for nearly 20 years. Given this experience, he has gained a comprehensive understanding of what judges are looking for, as well as what physicians are likely to be supportive of someone’s claim for disability.

Because these cases all boil down to medical evidence and legal guidelines, it is important to know what kinds of testing needs to be done and what sort of physical limitations are necessary for a person to be viewed as disabled by the government. For these reasons, experience in this particular practice area is important.

However, it’s not just our firm’s experience in this field of law, but also our paperwork-oriented approach to cases. Our paralegal has been working with Justin for close to 18 years helping with social security disability cases. That kind of experience and teamwork goes a long way in helping clients with their disability claims.

Our firm is unique in that we like to take social security disability cases from the very beginning, whenever possible. Typically speaking, law firms will want their clients to apply for benefits on their own and will only accept cases after their received a denial. Our practice is different.

By working with an experienced professional and making legal arguments in the very beginning of a case, it is far more likely that you will find a favorable review. Laying out in no uncertain terms the reason that a person should be found disabled through the use of medical vocational rules or doctor’s opinions and robust medical evidence can go a long way in the efforts to help people be seen as disabled by the Social Security Administration.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is the overwhelmed feeling people experience during the application process. There are so many complicated aspects of managing these claims. For those who feel easily bogged down by paperwork or confused by computers, applying for benefits can feel hopeless. The best way to go through the process is to have a member of our team with you from the very beginning. We will help you formulate the legal arguments needed for approval, ensure that your application includes all the necessary evidence, and help you through every other step of the way. For more information on Social Security Disability in North Carolina, an initial consultation is your next best step.

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Please Call One of Our board-certified
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