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megan December 2, 2021
Extended Benefit Cases from Industrial Commission Someone told me I can continue to receive disability checks for my workers’ compensation claim even after 500 weeks, is this true? N.C. Gen. Stat. Sec. 97-29(b) notes that an injured employee shall not be entitled to disability checks for a period greater than 500 weeks from the first[...]
megan November 30, 2021
Can I resign from my job when my North Carolina Workers’ Compensation claim is still ongoing? The short answer to this question is yes.  There is nothing preventing your resignation just because your workers’ compensation claim is still ongoing.  However, the real question is, how will my resignation impact my workers’ compensation claim moving forward. [...]
megan November 18, 2021
Cardinal Law Partners has years of experience representing claimants seeking disability benefits before the Social Security Administration.  They understand what types of evidence makes claims stronger and how Administrative Law Judges analyze claims.  They also know how a claimant’s previous relevant work affects whether a claimant is approved or denied for disability benefits. Previous Relevant[...]
megan October 19, 2021
Why is my Employer not Paying me the Same Wages Following my Injury at Work? Following an injury at work, when your treating physician indicates that you can return to work, but only under certain work restrictions, many times your employer will offer light duty work in order to allow your return to work for[...]
megan October 11, 2021
What Benefits Can I Receive for my Worker's Compensation Case?   The benefits you may be entitled to receive as the result of your North Carolina Workers’ Compensation claim fall into two categories: Medical Compensation and Disability Compensation.  Unfortunately, there are no benefits you may receive for pain and suffering, based on how the injury[...]
megan October 4, 2021
This is a very common question!  Most people have heard this term for motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice and slip and fall claims.  Workers Compensation claims are adjudicated by South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission which is an administrative area of the law.  That means you do not have a jury trial when you go to[...]