Health Care


Cardinal Law Partners November 2, 2020
Disability affects an average of one in every six working Americans.  It often results in financial hardship.  Disabled individuals face unique challenges such as limited work abilities, long-lasting impairments, and more.  Supplemental Security Income and Social Security disability insurance are essential for more than 12 million people. America’s Social Security system offers critical lifelines through[...]
Cardinal Law Partners October 28, 2020
Your occupation may include repetitive stress as part of your everyday activities. While repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome are common in the workplace, they are often covered under workers’ compensation laws. If your workers’ compensation claim for carpal tunnel syndrome is denied, the first thing to do is seek legal representation. We’ll[...]
Cardinal Law Partners October 26, 2020
People may quit their jobs for any number of reasons, but a pending workers’ compensation claim can complicate things. Employers may owe an individual workers’ compensation benefits; should the worker resign, he or she may wonder about eligibility for receiving such dues. The question therefore becomes, “Can I still collect workers’ comp if I quit[...]
Cardinal Law Partners October 21, 2020
Seeking compensation for an injury caused be another person or animal can be filled with challenges. The best thing to do in this type of situation is to find an experienced personal injury attorney. While such an injury could sometimes be settled without legal counsel, there are certain negotiation techniques that can help you navigate[...]