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Spoliation of evidence is also known as the preservation of evidence. Spoliation letters (also known as preservation letters) are key when the evidence only exists for short periods of time and are only in one party's possession. The timing of these spoliation letters or preservation letters is critical. If an injured individual does not get[...]
It is important to know the statutes that relate to motorcyclists as there are differences that are critical when handling a motorcycle accident case. Motorcyclists have some laws specifically directed toward them that must be followed and reviewed following a motorcycle accident. 1. The driver must complete motorcycle training and pass a test to have[...]
When you are injured at work in North Carolina, you may be eligible to receive NC Workers’ Compensation benefits. These benefits may include compensation for your lost or reduced wages, permanent injury to a body part (disability compensation), or compensation for all required medical treatment (medical compensation). Will My NC Workers' Compensation be Taxed? A[...]
There are many factors that can affect your Workers’ Compensation claim. This article will address the main ones that affect Workers’ Compensation claim outcomes. For example, how employer and/or insurance companies accept or deny liability for worker injuries. North Carolina Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Attorneys from Cardinal Law Partners have helped many clients address these[...]
When an employer has accepted liability for an employee’s injury at work, the employer may initiate vocational rehabilitation services at any point during the claim. When an employer has accepted liability for an employee’s injury at work, if the employee has not returned to work or has returned to work earning less than 75 percent[...]
The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act requires that an injured employee or the injured employee’s attorney immediately on the occurrence of an accident, or as soon thereafter as practicable, submit a written notice of the accident to the employer. The employee shall not be entitled to any compensation prior to the submission of the notice.[...]