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Workplace injuries in North Carolina arise in different ways. Most individuals do not understand that many types of workplace injuries are not compensable pursuant to the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act. Every attorney at Cardinal Law Partners is board certified in North Carolina workers’ compensation law. This type of experience allows our attorneys to help[...]
Not all injuries result in severe, immediate symptoms. Several types of workplace injuries often have delayed symptoms. These types of claims are tricky to handle because they are not always clear whether an injured worker’s condition is related to the workplace accident or a preexisting medical condtion. Regardless of which injury is being treated, it[...]
Suffering a workplace injury does not mean there will be a compensable claim. In fact, many Workers' Compensation claims are denied by employers' insurance carriers. These claims are denied for various reasons. It is important to keep in mind that insurance companies do not have the final say over the compensability of claims. Ultimately, it[...]
Even though you may have an accepted Workers' Compensation claim and getting medical treatment paid for by the Insurance Company, the Insurance carrier could obtain a utilization review at any time during your claim. There are some insurance companies that obtain a utilization review every time medical treatment is recommended to an injured worker and[...]
Spoliation of evidence is also known as the preservation of evidence. Spoliation letters (also known as preservation letters) are key when the evidence only exists for short periods of time and are only in one party's possession. The timing of these spoliation letters or preservation letters is critical. If an injured individual does not get[...]
It is important to know the statutes that relate to motorcyclists as there are differences that are critical when handling a motorcycle accident case. Motorcyclists have some laws specifically directed toward them that must be followed and reviewed following a motorcycle accident. 1. The driver must complete motorcycle training and pass a test to have[...]