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When an injured worker has not been able to return to work following the work injury, the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act allows for Insurance Companies to stop an injured worker’s disability compensation checks on their own in some instances, whereas in other instances, the Insurance Company cannot stop these checks without an Order from[...]
Cardinal Law Partners recommends that all workers that feel they have been exposed to toxins at their workplace, whether as part of their job or part of their work environment, seek medical treatment right away. Often times, the symptoms from possible toxic exposure are small or seemingly insignificant, but the importance remains that experienced medical[...]
Workers should not downplay the importance of scaffolding safety. Many of the injuries that workers suffer at the workplace are from falls. Unsafe scaffolding can be a big contributor to falls at the workplace. Scaffolding injuries can be unique in that the injured worker may not only have a workers’ compensation claim against the workers’[...]
Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be a long process. Few claimants are approved initially. After an initial denial, there are time limits to file for reconsideration or to request a hearing. It can take months for the Social Security Administration to schedule a hearing. To make matters worse, the Social Security Administration expects[...]
The Social Security Administration imposes strict requirements for claimants attempting to be approved for Social Security disability benefits. For instance, the claimant must not be capable of performing their past relevant work. That is, the claimant must not be able to retain the functional ability to perform the type of jobs they performed during their[...]
The values of workers’ compensation claims in South Carolina differs from claim to claim. Values depend on the amount of wages that you were earning before your injury, the type of medical treatment that you require and the number of body parts injured. Of course, the severity of your injuries and your injuries’ effect on[...]