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Commercial Vehicle Accidents Across NCWhat Are The Common Causes Of Commercial Vehicle Accidents Across North Carolina?

Many of the accidents result from actual vehicle accidents during the operation of commercial trucks. Commercial vehicle accidents can be from harsh weather or bad visibility conditions. Often, it’s from the freight or cargo being transported being unbalanced and pushing a vehicle one way or the other. There are always questions about whether the vehicle’s brakes or other mechanical parts were repaired correctly and in good condition.

Many injuries result from commercial vehicles being damaged or failing at an inopportune time or Mother Nature wreaking some havoc on a vehicle. Suppose you’re a typical driver with your family or driving your car for work. In that case, many of these things are why you become injured because of the negligence or foolishness of a truck driver or the trucking company.

Other commercial vehicle accidents are usually from truck drivers doing their jobs. Sometimes, truck drivers are injured doing their pre- or post-trip inspections. The Department of Transportation strictly ensures that commercial vehicles are inspected before they go on the highways of North Carolina. Sometimes, that means moving the freight in the cargo area or climbing in and out of the cab of a vehicle.

Anytime people work at heights, there’s a danger of falling or slipping. Quite often, a truck driver might be sitting and bouncing down the highway for hours at a time, and then they’re expected to get out quickly and start moving, either with dollies or pallet jacks or just by lifting heavy materials.

Simply put, their body isn’t warmed up or ready to take on those weights or loads, so injuries will happen. We see many injuries with the raising and lowering of landing gear, which keeps the cargo part of a truck standing up straight. The shoulder motion enabling landing gear that’s not fully repaired will sometimes cause injury.

Besides accidents and crashes that some commercial trucks have, many physicalities are required in being a truck driver. Whether driving commercially or delivering packages, you don’t always get to decide whose home you go to. Some homes are more accessible to deliver to than others. Homeowners keep various levels of repair of their driveways, sidewalks, front porch, or decks. These circumstances can contribute to a commercial vehicle driver, a truck driver, or a delivery person being injured in the course and scope of their employment.

What Are Some Severe Injuries People Sustain As A Result Of Trucking Accidents?

The most severe injuries from a trucking accident are when someone’s driving their personal vehicle and get struck by a large semi or commercial vehicle. The worst results from those types of accidents are death and permanent disability.

There are often brain injuries and broken bones when you have head-on injuries or severe car accidents. At times, there’s severe internal organ trauma, and some must deal with paralysis and trauma. This is frequently a result of some of the faster accidents, but you also see injuries resulting from somebody working on these trucks.

An injury might be as simple as twisting the knee while stepping down from the truck, back injuries, or shooting pain down the legs. It’s difficult for the human body to sit for hours operating a large motor vehicle and then get down and quickly lift and carry objects or move objects around.

It’s difficult for a person’s back to do things after being sedentary for a while. It’s difficult for a spine to bounce down the highway for hours at a time. Sometimes, there are shoulder injuries like torn rotator cuff because there’s lifting, pushing, pulling, and movement above a person’s head.

With typical high-speed impact motor vehicle accidents, injuries and disabilities are common. There are also punitive problems where over time, doing this difficult job, people’s backs, shoulders, or hips give out. Those are also severe injuries, which might not happen from one specific moment, but from the accumulation of much time working a tough job.

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