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Depositions in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

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megan June 22, 2021

Depositions are common in many types of legal matters, but for many individuals who have a Workers Compensation Case, that word may seem a little intimidating!  In South Carolina, most workers compensation cases will have multiple depositions during the course of the claim.

Depositions are a form of discovery in South Carolina workers compensation cases, which is a fancy way of saying that the parties are gathering information about things like prior injuries, your work history, prior motor vehicle accidents, and your medical history.  In most cases, the Defendants will take the injured worker’s deposition in order to get more information in the case.  This usually only occurs once during your workers compensation case and an attorney can help you to be prepared for a deposition and what type of questions may be asked.  Depositions can also be taken to get information from employer witnesses and doctors.

These depositions will often be used if a hearing before the South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission is required in the case.  Therefore, it is important to consult with an attorney who is experienced with Workers Compensation cases in South Carolina, before having your deposition taken.   Kristin Henriksen, of Cardinal Law Partners, is licensed to practice in South Carolina and handles Workers Compensation cases.  If you have questions, Contact us for more info.

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