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Dog BitesDog bites are very common and can result in severe injuries. Dog bite accidents may also lead to a serious infection that may require prolonged treatment. If you are a victim of a dog bite accident, you may find yourself paying thousands of dollars for treatment. Cardinal Law Partners can help you get the compensation that is rightfully yours.

What Are Dog Bite Accidents?

Thousands of people are bitten by dogs every year. This results in significant injuries and illnesses. If the animal is rabid, you might find yourself being treated for this dangerous disease which can be fatal. Dog bites can occur in a variety of scenarios. Here are some of them:

  • While making deliveries: Many victims of dog bites are usually delivery personnel visiting different homes to deliver take-out food, online purchases and much more. They could also be postmen delivering mail.
  • While visiting friends: Sometimes you can be in an unfamiliar neighborhood and end up being bitten by a dog on the streets.
  • In the park: Many people walk their dogs in parks and sometimes these dogs can bite other park visitors.

Dog BitesUnderstanding The Dangers Of Dog Bite Accident

There are numerous dangers when it comes to dog bites. The first is the actual injuries which can be serious depending on many factors. For example, if the dog is specifically trained to attack, it might cause serious injuries. The other factor is the size of the dog vs the victim. If an average-sized dog was to bite a child, it could cause serious injuries because of the size disparity.

The other danger is diseases that could result from dog bites. One of the most common diseases that is spread by dog bites is rabies. If a rabies infection is not treated in time, it is often fatal to the victim. Dog bites also expose you to infection which can also result in prolonged hospitalization, loss of limbs and even death.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You A Victim Of A Dog Bite?

In North Carolina, the law recognizes injuries resulting from dog bites as more than just the bite injuries as well. For example, if a dog pushes you to the ground and bites you, the law considers both the bite injuries and the fall injuries as part of ‘dog bite.’ It also allows victims of dog bites to seek compensation from the owners of the dog that bit them.

Dog BitesNorth Carolina also has a strict liability law around dog bite cases. This means that the owner of the dog is liable regardless of the steps he or she took to prevent his or her dogs from biting people. However, to put forward the right argument and win your case, you need a team of seasoned lawyers besides you. Cardinal Law Partners in one such law firm that can get you the victory you deserve.

Why Should You Hire Cardinal Law Partners To Defend Your Rights In A Dog Bite Case?

Cardinal Law Partners is your sure partner when dealing with dog bite cases. We promise to give you a clear and swift assessment of your dog bite case. This allows you to plan your next step and to know what your legal options are. Our lawyers are passionate about representing ordinary Americans who are suffering from accidents that are not of their making.

If you or a loved one has lost a family member or was injured in a dog bite accident, contact Cardinal Law Partners now to schedule a free consultation with our personal injury attorneys.

Cardinal Law Partners.

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