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Please Call One of Our board-certified Worker's compensation Specialists For a Free Consultation (833) 444-4127

Fall AccidentPeople fall all the time, at home, at work, while walking down the street. They fall for various reasons – tripping over something they didn’t see, one or two too many cocktails, a medical condition (dizziness), neuropathy in their feet, with their face in their cell phone they don’t see that curb or step, a misstep, bad shoes – these are common falls. Less common, and more job related, are carrying too much and being off balance, reaching too far while on a ladder, lack of safety equipment on an elevated platform, whatever they’re standing on gives way… the list goes on. When falls happen at work, and an employee is injured, workers’ compensation should kick in. Employers know this.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy for injured workers to get the money they have coming to them to pay medical bills, household bills, collect lost wages, and more. If you are injured on the job as the result of a fall, you need someone on your side to make sure your rights are protected. That’s where Cardinal Law Partners comes in. Our experienced team is here to offer their experience in legal matters, specializing in workers’ compensation.

What Are Fall Accidents

As mentioned above, falls can happen for a variety of reasons. We all know what a fall is and how it feels to fall. It starts when we’re young and learning how to walk. Those are minor, expected falls. As we get older, however, there is more space between the top of our head and floor, so the fall has gravity working for it, therefore becoming slightly more serious. Falling from a distance (ladder, elevated platform, etc.) can have devastating effects – particularly if the person falls on their head.

Major brain trauma can result from a fall if it’s bad enough. Broken bones, bruises, sprains, and scratches can result as well.

An accident at work involving a fall should not happen. If all rules, regulations, safety equipment, etc. are in place and being utilized, chances of the fall decrease exponentially. But accidents do happen. That’s why they call them accidents.

Understanding The Dangers Of Fall Accidents

We just explained what can happen as a result of a fall. Now let’s take a look at what kinds of falls are most common in the workplace.

Falling ObjectsThe most common type of fall injury on the job may surprise you. It happens while in an unstable chair, reaching or bending for something.

Another common reason for falls on the job is tripping over the following:

  • Objects in the hallways and walkways
  • Loose carpeting
  • Wires or electrical cords
  • Open file or desk drawer

Slips are another problem on the job when chemicals, water, oil, etc. are spilled or left on the floor without proper warning signs. This is also one of the easiest problems to avoid through the use of warning signs, best practices (involving wiping up spills immediately and making sure floor surfaces are clean), nonslip coatings on floors, and more.

Are You A Victim Of A Fall Accident?

Fall AccidentFall injuries can be confusing at times. They may revolve around whose fault the fall actually was, whether or not safety precautions were in place, etc. If you have been the victim of fall accident, you need someone on your side. To sort out all of the parts involved in your accident claim, work with our experienced lawyers. You have the right to compensation. We can help you through the entire process.

Why Should You Hire Cardinal Law Partners To Defend Your Rights In A Construction Accident Case?

An injury on the job can upset not only the victim but their entire family. Both a fall victim and their loved ones can sleep better at night knowing that Cardinal Law Partners is there for them. Our advocates fight for the rights of fall accident victims and are certified as workers’ compensation attorneys by the North Carolina Board.

If you or a loved one has lost a family member or was injured in a fall accident, contact Cardinal Law Partners now to schedule a free consultation with our workers’ compensation attorneys today.

Cardinal Law Partners.

Please Call One of Our board-certified
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