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  • Published: November 27, 2020
What To Look Out For When Filing Workers’ Compensation Claims

When it comes to on-the-job injuries, you, your employer, and your employer’s insurance company are not on the same side. While it is just business and nothing personal, it is important to understand where everyone involved in the worker’s compensation claim stands. Underestimating your opposition can be one of the biggest mistakes made in workers’ compensation claims.

In a perfect world…

  • Insurance adjusters would never take deliberate action to damage victims of workers’ compensation.
  • Licensed doctors would do everything they could to help you achieve a speedy recovery.
  • Employers would always have a worker’s comp victim’s best interests at heart.

The Reality Of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Sadly, the wishful thinking stated above is not always how things go in workers’ comp claims. While there are plenty of reputable employers, doctors, and even insurers, it is best to stay aware of the potential for things to go awry. The more errors you can avoid when filing a worker’s compensation case the better you will fare.

Your best bet is to hire an experienced, knowledgeable, and successful workers’ compensation attorney to adequately represent your rights. Never presume that a workers’ compensation claim will be handled without opposition; assuming pure goodwill is one of the biggest mistakes one can make when filing a worker’s comp claim.

A handful of tips to help circumvent worker’s compensation claim errors include:

Legal Representation for a Workers’ Compensation Claim

You need an experienced and informed workers’ compensation attorney to adequately and successfully represent your rights in a workers’ comp case. Count on putting in time, effort, money, and doing your homework to find the right legal representation for workers’ compensation.

Do Not Do The Following In A Workers’ Comp Case

Avoid the following legal activities without conferring with your attorney first:

  • Make any decisions that are legally binding.
  • File for unemployment.
  • File for SSD (Social Security disability).
  • File for bankruptcy

The settlement value of your case could be impacted by any of these legal activities.

Daily And Routine Activities For Worker’s Compensation

Even if you feel like you are having a great day, be mindful of your doctor’s lifting and activity restrictions. Insurance companies often hire private detectives that will report on your most physical activities.

Workers’ Comp Medical Treatment And Care

The first thing to do in the event of a workers’ compensation injury is to immediately seek medical care. Your doctor will need a detailed explanation of the circumstances of your injury including an identification of all injured body parts. When conversing with your doctor, do not engage in small talk that could potentially minimize your injury. Stick to the facts.

Proper Notice

Notify the company owner or a supervisor of your injury in writing and try to get confirmation of receipt. Do not assume that it is sufficient to give verbal notice to a secretary, coworker, security guard, etc.

Cardinal Law Partners – Experienced Representation For Workers’ Comp Cases

Many things could be at stake if you get hurt on the job. The best thing to do if you are seeking compensation for a work-related injury is to hire a personal injury attorney who can ensure that your rights are represented and that you receive fair and just compensation. The Cardinal Law Partners team offers dedicated and tireless commitment to fight for your rights and for your cause.

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