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Please Call One of Our board-certified Worker's compensation Specialists For a Free Consultation (833)444-4127

Dealing With Insurance CompaniesDealing with insurance companies in the event of a workers’ comp claim often prove to be challenging at the very least. As unfortunate as the injury itself may be, it could turn out to be one of the least stressful elements of navigating workers’ compensation. The team at Cardinal Law Partners is here to help you navigate your way through any workers’ compensation situation and handle the potential obstacles presented by insurance companies with ease.

What Are Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies?

Before discussing the details of how to deal with an insurance company in the face of a workers’ compensation case, it is important to understand that not all insurance companies participate in workers’ comp. While there is a broad range of insurers that offer workers’ compensation insurance, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) provides a comprehensive list, as well as a breakdown of the insurers that distribute their products through independent agents. Each insurance company’s package policies vary based on a number of factors including the company’s size, location, and the insurance company’s specialty. For a better understanding of this, Cardinal Law Partners is here to help.

Common Problems Associated With Insurance Companies In Workers’ Compensation Claims

Dealing With Insurance CompaniesWhile it may seem obvious that if an employee has been injured in the workplace, the employer’s insurance company should cover the expenses related to the injury, the truth is that there is oftentimes much more bureaucracy involved. Problems may arise as early as with the claim process and could continue to have an impact on the employer’s workers’ compensation program and pricing for years to come. Claim problems may include invalid claims, improper claim reporting, tardy reporting, a lack of involvement from the employer, a lack of a return to work program, the failure to monitor claims, and the failure to have claims reviewed. While claim problems can be solved, they must be handled by a legal team with the proper tools and expertise in place.

Dealing With Insurance Companies For Workers’ Comp

As for how to interact with and deal with an insurance company when handling a workers’ compensation case, the methods and approaches are many. There are plenty of issues and problems that could arise, so it is crucial to know what to look out for. The type of issues one may encounter between insurance companies, employers, and an injured employee may vary based on jurisdiction, election cycles, the viability of workers’ compensation, and insurance plans in general.

There are also bureaucracy issues to consider when navigating insurance with a workers’ compensation case. Because workers’ compensation is one of the most highly regulated lines of insurance, regulators can be particularly aggressive with fines and penalties. Each form filed and payment transaction must be meticulously documented and performed with utmost precision to avoid penalties. These days, audits are performed on a regular and sometimes retrospective basis. Electronic data interchange (EDI) even allows regulators to automate fines and penalties if any filings or paperwork do not meet regulations. It is therefore crucial to partner with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to avoid potential consequences from unintentional negligence.

If you need assistance dealing with your insurance company for a workers’ compensation claim, call the experts at Cardinal Law Partners today! We will work with you and your insurance provider to get you the best possible solution for your work-related injury. Call us at (833)444-4127 or contact us today!

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Cardinal Law Partners.

Please Call One of Our board-certified
Worker's compensation Specialists
For a Free Consultation
(833) 444-4127

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