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Please Call One of Our board-certified Worker's compensation Specialists For a Free Consultation (833)444-4127

Lawyers For PharmacistsRegardless of the extent of one’s work-related injury, employees should not risk downplaying the seriousness of their injuries or choose to tough it out. These actions can impede or delay one’s recovery; affecting the benefits employees ultimately receive, as well as the scope of treatment that is authorized by workers’ compensation coverage. At Cardinal Law Partners, we have many years of experience working with workers’ compensation claimants and their pharmacists to ensure that injured workers get the medications their treating physicians prescribe.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Worker’s compensation insurance policies are purchased by businesses to provide benefits to employees who may fall ill or get injured on the job. Through this workers’ comp program, employees may benefit from vocational rehabilitation programs, medical fee coverage, and replacement of lost wages.

When Do You Need To Visit Pharmacists?

Lawyers For PharmacistsApproximately 20 percent of patients enter the workers’ compensation program due to physical trauma. These injuries may lead to chronic pain due to the severe nature of the initial injury and/or the progression of the injury. Some of the most common injuries associated with workers’ compensation insurance include punctures, lacerations, burns, strains, and sprains. For these cases, doctors may prescribe medications, such as muscle relaxants, antidepressants, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), anticonvulsants, or opioids. These medications are then dispensed by approved pharmacists across the state. Research shows that prescription drug costs make up 13-14 percent of an average workers’ compensation claim.

Common Problems Encountered During Workers’ Compensation Claims Processes

If your application to cover the cost of pharmacist services has not been approved after a week or two, your workers’ compensation insurance carrier may be delaying or denying the claims process. Below is a quick look at some of the common scenarios:

  • Insurance companies denying one’s request for treatment by filing a Form WC-3 Notice
  • Insurance companies simply not approving the treatment without denying the request
  • Insurance companies delaying the approval process by getting a second opinion from the treatment specialist or by utilization review documents
  • Insurance companies partially approve a doctor’s recommendations

How Cardinal Law Partners Can Help

At Cardinal Law Partners, our lawyers are always ready to represent employees in any type of workers’ compensation case. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that our legal practice has achieved a reputable track record of obtaining excellent results for clients who were involved in various workers’ compensation claims processes. This is possible as we have employed 50 years of collective legal experience to devise the most appropriate strategies for our clients’ cases. Whether you need help filing an Industrial Commission Form or negotiating your claim with the insurance company, we have got your back.

Since our inception, Cardinal Law Partners has been providing clear and practical legal advice for workers throughout Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, and Belmont. In addition to providing sound legal counsel, our team also ensures that our services are very affordable. We believe that every worker has the right to fight for his or her rights, especially if they are receiving inadequate medical care.

If you wish to learn more about Cardinal Law Partners’ stellar expertise in healthcare providers such as pharmacists, do not hesitate to schedule a free, initial consultation with us today!

Lawyers For Pharmacists

Lawyers For Pharmacists

Lawyers For Pharmacists

Cardinal Law Partners.

Please Call One of Our board-certified
Worker's compensation Specialists
For a Free Consultation
(833) 444-4127

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