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North Carolina Worker’s Compensation

Dissecting The SC Workers’ Compensation System
megan January 13, 2022

Can I be fired for filing a worker’s compensation claim in North Carolina?

Some people think they cannot be fired while they are on workers’ compensation. Your employer may not fire you in retaliation for you filing a workers’ compensation claim, if that happened, you should contact an employment law attorney. Most employers will not fire you because you filed a worker’s compensation claim. However, you do not have immunity while you’re on workers’ compensation from being terminated for other reasons. For example, if there is a layoff when your company is downsizing you can be laid off despite your status in the workers’ compensation system. Also, if your employer cannot accommodate your restrictions they aren’t required to hold your position indefinitely. They can replace you. Finally, you can also be terminated for misconduct like excessive absences or tardies.

North Carolina Workers Compensation cases can be tricky and if you have questions about your workers compensation case, call an experienced board certified workers compensation attorney at Cardinal Law Partners for a free consultation

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