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PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENTSWhen drivers are not too careful on the road, fatal accidents can happen and it is almost always devastating. There are more than 2.5 million pedestrians who are injured involving motorists every year. These do not happen on urban roads alone as many horrific accidents also happen on country roads. Cardinal Law Partners understands that these catastrophic accidents are extremely upsetting and there is a need to address the consequences, like the expected medical bills and other losses.

What Are Pedestrian Accidents?

A pedestrian accident involves any individual that is on foot, lying down, walking, running, hiking, or sitting and a motor vehicle, bicycle, or even a horse. It commonly occurs in the streets, sidewalks, parking lots, parks, and other places where there are pedestrians and where motorists can also pass by.

Pedestrian accidents are caused by various reasons including:

  • Driver Distraction: Not paying attention on the road can injure or kill a pedestrian in an instant. A driver can get inattentive while driving because of a lot or reasons and the most common is using cell phones.
  • Losing Vehicle Control: There are plenty of reasons why a driver cannot control the vehicle. It may be because of driving beyond the speed limit, changing lanes too fast, or driving through a poor weather condition.
  • PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENTSDisobeying Traffic Signals: Both drivers and pedestrians are at risk of getting injured when drivers fail to follow the traffic rules.
  • Aggressive Driving: Drivers should be aware of the dangers involved when driving aggressively on heavily populated areas. Driving Under the Influence: Perhaps the most common reason why drivers get into accidents, driving under the influence of either drugs and alcohol can cause fatal injuries to both drivers and pedestrians.

Understanding The Dangers Of Pedestrian Accidents

There is no doubt the human body is remarkable but it is still no match against the size, strength, and power of a fast-moving vehicle. The injuries and losses that are suffered during a pedestrian accident are always devastating and can affect not only the pedestrian but also other family members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You A Victim Of A Pedestrian Accidents?

PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENTSMany victims of pedestrian accidents try to resolve the cases alone and not a lot would report about the incident to the authorities. While it could work for minor injuries, it is highly encouraged to seek for proper legal assistance because it will efficiently resolve the case. It will also ensure that you get the monetary compensation that you need to fully recover from the consequences of such accident.

Why Should You Hire Cardinal Law Partners To Defend Your Rights In A Pedestrian Accident Case?

Cardinal Law Partners has years of experience providing personalized attention and guidance for any type of personal injury case, including pedestrian accidents. We have years of experience in representing clients so that a true fair settlement amount is determined. Our lawyers will make sure that you will not be left with any sort of financial burden after sustaining injuries from a pedestrian accident.

If you or a loved one has lost a family member or was injured in a pedestrian accident, contact Cardinal Law Partners now to schedule a free consultation with our personal injury attorneys.

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