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Crash during fast ride on a quadbike.

Sporting activities may be fun but they are also risky. Cardinal Law Partners are aware about the accidents that can happen during boating, hunting, ATV or other adventurous activities. Injuries that are incurred during these activities may leave the victim fatally wounded, seriously weakened, and even dead.

What are Boating, Hunting, ATV or Other Accidents?

Accidents during boating, hunting, and ATV or other activities may be due to plenty of reasons. Including intoxication, lack of warning signs on the activity areas, and even obstructions that are within the property.

boating, hunting, ATV or other accidents are caused by various reasons including:

  • Capsizing: Water activities can be dangerous when the boat capsizes, throwing everyone onboard to the water. Drowning accidents are common during a boating activity especially when the water rapids become uncontrollable.
  • Animal Attacks: Hunters may be attacked by large animals either when they try to move the animal that they thought dead, or by animals who are not seriously injured and is trying to fight back.
  • Confrontations: Property owners may not be agreeable to having hunters in their properties. The argument could lead to assault and battery.
  • Unpredictable Trails: Exploring the wild means travelling uneven roads and unfamiliar tracks. Riding on an ATV can lead to accidents either because of carelessness or there is no enough experience in driving it.
Understanding the Dangers of Boating, Hunting, ATV or Other Accidents

Many people are enticed to try out recreational activities such as boating, hunting, and riding an ATV. The enjoyment, however, comes with a price as every participant is exposed to a number of hazards. Even these activities are somewhat safe and easy to do, accidents may still happen. Most of the victims are those who are not physically or mentally prepared for the adventure activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Boating, hunting, ATV or other recreational activities are fun but the enjoyment may be cut short by an accident that resulted in injury. How an accident happened may require an investigation to get the factual circumstances that lead to the event. Although the injuries can be as small as cuts and bruises, there are also incidents that are fatal and costly to treat. As a victim, you should be able to answer to the most common question: who is at fault? In some cases, property owners, activity facilitators, and equipment owners are negligent and may be held accountable for the unfortunate incident.

Cardinal Law Partners have investigators who can look at the details that serve as a clue as to how the accident happened. Our lawyers have years of experience in identifying who is at fault for the accident and determine the compensation that victims deserve. If you are involved in a boating, hunting, ATV or other accident, we will discuss your legal options for a personal injury claim and will ensure that your rights are protected.

If you or a loved one has lost a family member or was injured in a boating, hunting, ATV or other accident, contact Cardinal Law Partners now to schedule a free consultation with our personal injury attorneys.

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