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  • Published: September 24, 2019
Difficulty Seeking Regular Medical Treatment

Are You Experiencing Difficulty Seeking Regular Medical Treatment?

Regular medical treatment is a key component of any Social Security Disability claim. The Social Security Administration relies heavily on medical evidence when evaluating claimants who suffer from physical disabilities. Without regular medical treatments, there are no medical records. As a result, no evidence can be evaluated.

What Prevents People From Seeking Regular Medical Treatment?

When an individual stops work due to disability, there is often an effect on the person’s ongoing medical treatment. Some reasons why people have difficulty obtaining regular medical treatment include:

  • The most common reason claimants have difficulty obtaining regular medical treatment is cost. Once a person leaves work, his or her personal health insurance coverage may stop. Even if one can get health insurance through a spouse, there are co-pays and deductibles that make regular medical treatment too costly without full-time employment. Costs pertains to doctor visits, medical treatments and medications.
  • Some disability claimants have the funds but do not have health insurance. The reality is that many medical specialists still require their patients to have health insurance even if they can pay for their treatments in cash. These policies are in place because medical facilities and medical practices want the assurance of an insurance company that can pay the bills.
  • Claimants may struggle to obtain regular medical treatment as their physicians simply have nothing left to offer. Some medical conditions cannot be cured, and medical specialists do not see the benefit of continuing treatment when severe medical conditions cannot be improved upon.

It is harsh to consider, but a lack of regular medical treatment can go against disabled individuals. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration can deny claims regarding disability due to a lack of medical evidence.

How To Get Regular Medical Treatment

Although it seems impossible, claimants without health insurance or excess funds can still obtain regular medical treatment. Here are several ways claimants can get medical treatment to support their claims for Social Security disability benefits:

  • Free Clinics

North Carolina is home to a wide array of clinics that offer free medical services to individuals without health insurance. A list of providers can be found here:

Individuals that require regular medical treatment to support their claims should consider visiting a clinic nearest to them.

  • Medical Trials

There are several large and well-established research facilities in North Carolina. These facilities often require volunteers for clinical trials. Participants in these trials will often get free medical treatment as compensation. Centers such as Duke University and Wake Forest University have provided regular medical treatment for their participants in return.

  • Apply For Medicaid

Some Social Security Disability claimants get approved for Medicaid months before they know if they’re eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Medicaid covers extensive medical visits and medical treatment for eligible applicants. It’s beneficial to apply for Medicaid if it ensures that you can get regular medical treatment.

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