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  • Published: October 23, 2020
Workers’ Compensation Claim For Repetitive Stress Injuries

The simple answer to “Can you file a North Carolina Workers’ Comp claim for repetitive stress injuries?” is “Yes.” Workers in the state of North Carolina have the right to file a claim for workers’ compensation if they receive on-the-job injuries due to repetitive stress or repetitive motion. Still, it’s important to have more information about repetitive stress injuries in North Carolina and the workers’ compensation claims that accompany them.

When the average layperson thinks of getting injured on the job, particularly those that make it impossible for individuals to continue working, they often think of major accidents. Major accidents can range from heavy equipment mishaps to falling off a ladder or scaffolding. These are job-related injuries that result from isolated but traumatic events. There are, however, other types of on-the-job injuries that can occur, such as repetitive motion injuries or RSI (repetitive stress injuries).

Problems With RSIs

Repetitive stress injuries are common in a handful of occupations. Nurses, housekeepers, janitors, health care aides, and grocery and stock clerks are among the many high-risk individuals for whom repetitive stress injuries can occur. As with any other type of injury, a repetitive stress injury requires that victims take time off for medical treatment and recovery.

There are, however, circumstances where repetitive stress injury claims may be disputed or denied by a victim’s insurer or employer. A denial can be appealed under your rights as a North Carolina worker. For decades, disputed claims including disputed RSIs have been decided by the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

Work-Related Injuries Resulting From Repetitive Stress

A repetitive motion or repetitive stress injury occurs when the same action is repeatedly performed in the same way for a continuous period of time. The eventual result is injury from strain and stress. Ordinarily, the types of actions that cause repetitive stress injuries would not, in and of themselves, be hazardous to most people. When done hundreds of times per day, however, simple actions like lifting, using tools, bagging groceries, scanning items at a checkout register, standing for extended periods, and even typing on a keyboard can create stress.

The following conditions and symptoms are common in RSIs:

  • Rotator cuff injury: a tear in the tendons surrounding the shoulder joint
  • Tendinitis: inflammation of the tendons that attach bone and muscle
  • Bursitis: inflammation of the cushioning between tissue, muscle, and bone
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: compression of the median nerve

Avoid Complacency With RSIs

Far too many people assume their injuries are too insignificant to seek help. While many see their conditions are simply part of the job, the truth is that things don’t have to be that way! Serious consequences can result from job-related RSIs and repetitive motion injuries. Instead of letting things stay as they are, take action; you may be entitled to compensation.

If you seek damages for repetitive motion injury and your employer disputes your claim in North Carolina, the best course of action is to pursue that claim with the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Repetitive motion injuries requires specific types of proof in order to be successful.

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If you have experienced a job-related injury as a direct result of repetitive stress placed on your body, then you may be entitled to lost wages and medical treatment that is covered under the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act. To make sure that your rights are protected, contact us at Cardinal Law Partners today for a free consultation.

Whether your employer is fair or unjust in handling the situation, we still recommend consulting with one of our attorneys. Cases like these can turn on a dime and become volatile without warning. Don’t put yourself and/or the lives of your family at risk of financial devastation. Make sure that you receive just compensation for your work-related injuries.

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