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Woman holding an insurance document, pointing a pen at it - Cardinal Law PartnersIn this article, you can discover:

  • The approach Insurance companies use when investigating your car accident claim.
  • The tactics and strategies that insurers use to reduce or deny claims.
  • Whether it is possible to settle your claim during ongoing trial proceedings.

How Do Insurance Companies Investigate And Gather Evidence To Support Their Defense In Car Accident Cases?

Insurance companies conduct thorough investigations in car accident claims, mirroring the methods used by attorneys representing injured individuals. Initially, an insurance adjuster will attempt to interview you, seeking admissions of fault or previous accidents and injuries.

These could be used to argue contributory negligence or diminish the current injury’s severity. They may also consult with police officers for clarification on the accident report and speak to listed witnesses for a comprehensive account.

In severe cases involving significant injuries or fatalities, insurance companies often employ accident reconstructionists to determine fault. When a case progresses to trial, further investigations may include depositions of treating physicians to assess injury severity. It is crucial to consult with an experienced attorney before engaging with insurance adjusters, as they can use your statements against you in claim evaluations.

What Are Common Defense Tactics Insurance Companies Use To Deny Or Limit Settlement Claims?

A common strategy used by insurance companies involves prompt communication after your accident, and trying to elicit admissions of partial fault to leverage contributory negligence laws. These companies often attempt early settlements before the full extent of injuries is known in an attempt to under settle your claim.

They may offer immediate medical care and a modest lump sum, hoping to resolve the claim before more severe injuries surface. It can take time to know the extent and severity of injuries. Additionally, they scrutinize preexisting health conditions or previous accidents to attribute current injuries to other causes, further complicating the claim process.

Will My Car Accident Injury Case Go To Trial, And What Factors Lead To A Case Going To Trial?

While few car accident injury cases proceed to trial, it is advisable to prepare for this possibility from day one.. This preparation involves preserving evidence such as photographs of the vehicle damage and injuries, maintaining a journal of post-accident symptoms, and documenting work schedules to demonstrate any lost wages.

A trial becomes more likely if the insurance company fails to present a fair settlement offer or if a valid claim is wrongfully denied. Preparing thoroughly from the start ensures readiness for any direction the case may take.

Could My Car Accident Injury Case Still Settle If It Is Set For Trial?

Yes, settlement of a car accident injury case is possible even if the trial is imminent or underway. Negotiations can continue up to the trial’s commencement, and a settlement may be reached at any point before a jury verdict. The unfolding of the trial and the presentation of evidence can influence the willingness of an insurance company to negotiate, potentially leading to a more favorable settlement offer during the trial proceedings.

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