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  • Published: June 9, 2020
Avoid Sabotaging Your Own Personal Injury Claim

When you are involved in an accident, the smartest thing to do is to hire an attorney to represent you. The professional you choose for that role matters greatly. A lawyer can make or break a personal injury case. But equally as important as whom you choose to represent your personal injury claim is avoiding some of the most common mistakes made by people every day.

If you’ve already been involved in a wreck, you don’t want to further wreck your chances of a successful personal injury claim. Defense lawyers and insurance claims adjusters just love to hear people spout on social media as to the extent of their injuries, what happened, what was said at the accident scene, etc. Don’t be that person!

Let’s take a look at the five biggest mistakes that people make that can end up sabotaging a personal injury claim.

Failing To Make An Accident Report

All types of accidents should be reported. The police deal with vehicle accidents. If you slip and fall in an establishment, the owner of the premises or a manager should be reported to. If an injury happens at work, you must tell your supervisor and fill out paperwork (immediately). It doesn’t matter if you think you’re injured or not, accidents should be reported ASAP. If you don’t report something right away, guaranteed, the insurance company that gets involved is going to say you made up the entire incident.

Failure To Immediately Seek Medical Treatment

When you are injured, be it in an automobile accident or some other incident, you must immediately seek medical attention. If you do not, the representing attorney for the other party is going to have a field day with this information and argue that you were not injured. They will claim that the injuries you’re suing for didn’t happen in the accident because of the delay in care. Make arrangements for a medical examination immediately. Do not turn down transportation to the hospital or refuse treatment at the scene if medical personnel are summoned.

Failure To Hire An Attorney

This is a big one! Rest assured that the company or person responsible for your injuries and/or property damage will have someone on their side to fight for their rights and defend/protect their assets immediately. Without an experienced attorney at your side, you don’t stand a very good chance of coming out on top. Don’t leave something like this to chance. Hire a knowledgeable, experienced, reputable attorney who will work with you hand-in-hand for the best results.

Posting Accident/Injury Related Things On Social Media

Do Not post on Social Media. Thinking that social media posts are private is a huge mistake. There is nothing private about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Not even remotely. The insurance companies have teams dedicated to trolling social media solely for your posts about the accident. Also the attorney representing the person you’re filing a claim against is checking Facebook and other social media sites for anything you might be posting related to your accident/injury. Don’t post photographs related to your accident/injury and don’t speak of your injuries on Social Media.

Talking To People At The Scene

When it comes to discussing your injury or the accident with people on the scene, don’t do it. Don’t admit guilt or blame others at the scene. Anxiety is running high and you have not had time to process all the facts.

We get it – you might be trying to make sense of what just happened. You’re dazed and confused and unsure of exactly what’s going on. But this is NOT the time for accident analysis. Leave that to the professionals. Don’t try talking to people about what just happened but please feel free to collect their names and phone numbers for later.

In your confusion, you may not realize that you’re hurt. Psychological and emotional trauma may take time to kick in. The thing to concentrate on now is whether or not you’re feeling any discomfort, dizziness, tingling, numbness, etc. Even physical injuries are hard to identify very early on because adrenaline is pumping and you are not relaxed.

Remember, as well, that it could take time for symptoms to show up in the case of the following:

  • Spinal column and back injuries
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Neck injuries such as whiplash
  • Concussion or brain injury

Have You Been Injured In An Accident?

If you’ve been in a car accident, trucking accident, hit by a drunk driver, slip, and fall, been injured on the job, or got hit by a flying object do not hesitate to call Cardinal Law Partners. We will fight for your rights, help walk you through the process, dedicatedly explain what’s going on every step of the way, and more.

For a free consultation, contact us today. Don’t wait! The person or company you’re filing a claim against is already talking to a lawyer!

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