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  • Published: September 24, 2019
What You Need To Know About Continuing Disability Reviews (CDR)

It can take years from when a Social Security Disability application is completed to when a claim is ultimately adjudicated. These long waiting times are typically caused by the large number of applicants filing for disability benefits every year. Even if a claimant’s application is approved, he or she may still need to provide proof of disability long after the initial approval. The reason: the Social Security Administration conducts continuing disability reviews (CDR) for SSDI and SSI claims.

Understanding Continuing Disability Reviews

Continuing disability reviews are conducted by the Social Security Administration to determine whether beneficiaries are still entitled to Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security benefits. A CDR may be appropriate in the following scenarios:

  • A CDR may be used to determine whether a beneficiary’s health has improved. A claimant who has an existing disability does not mean that his or her current medical conditions meet the application’s requirements. Individuals do recover from severe medical conditions. The Social Security Administration will look through medical records to determine whether the beneficiary is fit to resume work.
  • A CDR can be conducted when the Social Security Administration believes that a beneficiary is no longer entitled to benefits for certain financial reasons. In this case, the organization will review the earnings of a beneficiary if his or her financial situation has improved after returning to work. The Social Security Administration employs these procedures to avoid overpayments and ensure that claimants’ resources do not disqualify them from SSI benefits.

How Should Beneficiaries Handle Continuing Disability Review Notices?

Upon receiving a CDR notice, the beneficiary should provide all the information that the Social Security Administration needs. The organization may request the submission of personal documents or the completion of forms. All these elements facilitate the decision-making process.

From a practical standpoint, it does help to make sure that beneficiaries follow these steps while preparing for a CDR. Below are some recommendations:

  • Keep an updated copy of your Social Security file. Make sure that everything that you have sent to the Social Security Administration is backed up and stored in a safe place. Having such information at your fingertips allows you to better communicate with the Social Security Administration.
  • The second way to prepare for a CDR is to be proactive. This means that beneficiaries should anticipate the Social Security Administration contacting them. The organization will need your latest telephone number and mailing address. If you’re currently employed, the Social Security Administration may request paystubs and tax documents.
  • The third way to prepare for a CDR is to make sure that physicians you are consulting with continue keeping track of your medical symptoms, impairments, and conditions. Being approved for disability does not mean that the requirement for medical evidence ends.

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