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Cardinal Law Partners August 31, 2020
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 4,500 injuries and 60 deaths occur in the US each year as a result of scaffolding accidents. If you are one of the individuals suffering from a scaffolding related accident injury, it’s likely that the injury has resulted in lost wages and costly medical bills.[...]
Cardinal Law Partners August 28, 2020
The last thing you need to worry about after being hurt at work is being tasked with picking up prescription medications, obtaining necessary medical equipment, scheduling and remembering when to make hospital visits, and making/keeping appointments. While you may have a loved one to help out, all of that can still feel like a second[...]
Cardinal Law Partners July 14, 2020
The average person may find it almost impossible to cover all the medical expenses of a spinal cord injury. In the first year alone, victims of tetraplegia (a.k.a. quadriplegia) can expect to spend upwards of $1 million. Every year after that, an average of $171,000 may be needed for victims’ spinal cord injury medical expenses.[...]
Cardinal Law Partners July 14, 2020
When examining workers’ compensation cases in North Carolina, it’s important to identify the facts. In most auto accident cases, there tends to be negligence on the part of at least one party. In some cases of worker’s compensation, however, there are no verdicts and no damage trials – just injuries. The question then becomes whether[...]
Cardinal Law Partners July 14, 2020
Working from home has become commonplace for more people today than ever before due to the COVID-19 virus. Did you know, however, that working from home makes you more likely than ever to suffer a work-related injury? After all, many people suffer injuries at home. Let's say, for example, that you get injured while working[...]