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  • Published: October 13, 2019
How Does South Carolina Determine The Values Of Workers’ Compensation Claims?

The values of workers’ compensation claims in South Carolina differs from claim to claim. Values depend on the amount of wages that you were earning before your injury, the type of medical treatment that you require and the number of body parts injured. Of course, the severity of your injuries and your injuries’ effect on your earning capacity must also be considered.

How Does South Carolina Calculate The Compensation Rate?

Missing time from work due to a workplace injury does not mean the injured worker receives full pay while missing work. In fact, the injured worker only receives their compensation rate. An injured worker’s compensation rate is determined by calculating 2/3 of their average weekly wage. The average weekly wage is the average amount of wages an injured worker received during the four quarters before they suffered their workplace injury.

South Carolina workers’ compensation law do place a cap on how high the compensation rate can be. In 2018 for instance, the maximum compensation rate was $832.21.

How Many Weeks Of Compensation Is Provided For Various Body Parts?

One of the most common methods injured works receive compensation is for disability payments made according to the schedule of injuries. Body pats injured in the workplace injury are assigned a rating by their treating physician once they reach maximum medical improvement. Maximum medical improvement is the point in medical healing when no further medical improvement is expected. Here are some body pats listed in the schedule and how many weeks they are worth:

  • Thumb – 65 weeks
  • Hand – 185 weeks
  • Arm – 220 weeks
  • Shoulder – 300 weeks
  • Eye – 140 weeks

Note that the percentage of disability assigned by the treating physician at maximum medical improvement is multiplied by the body part’s number of weeks to calculate the number of weeks awarded for a disability rating.

How Cardinal Law Partners Can Help

The value of a South Carolina workers’ compensation claim involves more than just plugging the disability rating into a formula. There is the issue of whether a second opinion might be a good idea. There is also the issue of future medical treatment. The amount of future medical treatment is an important aspect in a claim. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help an injured worker through the process of resolving their workers’ compensation claim.

If you or a family member have questions about any aspect of settling a South Carolina workers’ compensation claim, including ideas on second opinion evaluations, calculating future medical costs, and negotiating with the insurance company. Kristin Henriksen at Cardinal Law Partners is available to help today. Kristin is located in our Belmont, North Carolina office. We can help you navigate your way through your workers’ compensation situation in South Carolina and the surrounding areas. Call (833) 444-4127 to schedule you free consultation today!

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