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  • Published: June 5, 2020
Payments From Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

When Will You Receive Payments After Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Okay, everyone is in agreement. You’ve settled your workers’ compensation claim. Congratulations! Any second now you’re bound to ask the inevitable question: “How soon am I going to get my money?” The process of settling was likely stressful, and you probably need the money. Negotiations with insurance companies are seldom pleasant and there’s every chance that the bills have been piling up. So that question is a reasonable one, to be sure.

Sadly, before you receive any money, several weeks may go by. The process is bogged down with several waves of documents that need review and signature. The good news is that in some cases you can continue to visit the doctor who is treating you and you may also still be able to receive reimbursement for mileage. Also, you should still be able to receive your weekly wage benefit (TTD) while the paperwork is being processed (on accepted workers’ compensation claims).

Paperwork And More Paperwork

There are more forms that can or will be filled out in the process of a workers’ compensation case than one can possibly imagine. This is one of the reasons it’s so important to hire a reputable attorney who is experienced in workers’ compensation cases. They know all about the paperwork, time limits for paperwork, time limits for the workers’ comp claim itself, the process, the rules, the regulations, and how the case will proceed before the Industrial Commission, if need be. The paperwork alone can and does prevent most people from handling their own workers’ comp case. It’s mind-boggling!

Depending on how willing your company and their insurance company is to work with you and your attorney, workers’ compensation cases can be drawn out for excruciatingly long periods of time. Once all is said and done, however, how soon can you expect payment?

Submitted And Approved… But What About The Payment?

Once the settlement paperwork has been submitted it will be reviewed by the North Carolina Industrial Commission. It can take approximately two weeks for them to put their “approved” stamp on the settlement. Occasionally, revisions are needed, and the paperwork has to be sent back.

Once an approved settlement by the Industrial Commission is finalized, within 24 days, the insurance company must issue checks. You’re entitled to a penalty payment if they’re late. But again, without an experienced attorney on your side – one who has handled workers’ compensation cases successfully in the past – you may find yourself up a creek without a paddle.

Turn To Cardinal Law Partners

Talk to us at Cardinal Law Partners if you have been injured at work. Don’t try to tackle all of the paperwork, the insurance company negotiations, court appearances, and more on your own. You’ve got enough to worry about just trying to recuperate from your injury and pay bills. Leave the heavy lifting to us. For decades, we have helped people just like you with workers’ compensation claims or with the reversal of claim denials. We can help you, too.

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