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No two South Carolina workers’ compensation claims are exactly alike. Claims will have different injuries, different insurance companies, different physicians, and different average weekly wages. When facing a severe workplace injury, it helps to have an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. This understanding of the South Carolina workers’ compensation process can benefit those workers needing assistance[...]
At Cardinal Law Partners, Kristin Henriksen has experience representing individuals in South Carolina workers’ compensation claims and has helped claimants whose claims have been denied by insurance companies and employers. Claims are sometimes denied for reasons that do not hold up under the law. Why Do Claims Get Denied? Claims get denied for several reasons.[...]
The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act is a “form driven” legal process. This means that rather than filing complicated legal documents, injured workers and employer are expected to file specific forms required by the North Carolina Industrial Commission. Some of the most important forms are filed at the very beginning. The injured worker is responsible[...]
All our team members are North Carolina Board Certified Workers’ Compensation attorneys. Since our inception, Cardinal Law Partners have worked with hundreds of claimants who have varying levels of concerns and worries about filing Workers’ Compensation claims. Most clients are apprehensive when it comes to recovering damages because of potential retaliation from their employers. Cardinal[...]
Many injuries sustained as a result of an accident at a construction site typically begin with a physician’s initial diagnosis of a sprain or strain. These minor injuries, however, may worsen and require further medical treatment and tests by other physicians. Spinal Injuries Caused by Construction Accidents Injuries sustained as a result of an accident[...]